I took a long while trying to decide which film to view first. I stood in front of my DVD collection for quite some time. Should I go with something generally considered great? How about something lesser known but highly acclaimed? Nope.

Instead I settled down on the sofa to watch whatever New Year’s Day movie the BBC was showing. Which happened to be Bee Movie.

Bee Movie is one of DreamWorks’ many animations about non-humans acting in a human way. In this case it’s the fabricated life of bees. Jerry Seinfeld voices main character Barry who having just graduated from college is due to start working in the hive’s honey-making industry. However the idea of working in the same job for the rest of his life proves to much for Barry so he leaves the hive and breaks the major rule of talking to humans. In this case the florist Vanessa voiced by Renée Zellweger. Barry soon learns the humans have been “stealing” honey from the bees so sues the main honey producing companies.

Needless to say the plot is pretty daft. Though the film was quite enjoyable. There were some genuinely funny moments and Jerry Seinfeld was great in the lead role. However despite these good points overall the film was lacking any real kind of charm. Not DreamWorks’ best film but by no means their worst.


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