Is it doom for them?

I must confess that when I sit down to watch a British film I never really expect much. I’m not sure why exactly because there are plenty of brilliant British films. Sadly the latest one I’ve watched isn’t one of them.

The film in question is the low budget British/Irish horror film Wilderness. It tells the story of a group of teenage offenders being shipped off to an island for some kind of prison training programme after one of their fellow inmates commits suicide. The lads, their prison officer and some female young offenders – also on the island – are soon targeted by an experienced hunter who sets out attempting to kill everyone.

The story is hardly original nor very surprising. The script is a bit of a mess and the acting from the relatively unknown cast is shockingly bad at times. In a way it reminded me of a poor imitation of Battle Royal. The action is pretty brutal and the gore is over the top and perhaps a little bit unnecessary. The characters are unremarkable and you don’t feel any connection to, or care about, any of them.

Despite these negative points it isn’t exactly a bad film. It’s by no means a great film, or even a very good one. It’s merely okay. It’s what you would expect from a cheap horror film. Nothing special and pretty predictable. Watchable but hardly worth recommending.


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