Dude, where’s my White Castle?

Stoner comedies are somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. They’re rarely ever great and often ridiculously immature. One such film I had never previously seen was Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies (or Go to White Castle to give its other name).

The film stars John Cho and Kal Penn as the title characters and follows their daft drug-fueled misadventures as they attempt to get to a White Castle burger outlet to satisfy their aforementioned munchies.

Being of the stoner comedy ilk the duo find themselves in some strange situations and mixing with a bizarre band of characters. The comedy isn’t of the greatest standard yet I couldn’t help but laugh along with the stupidity of it all. The film does have some genuinely funny moments though. Such as the minor Ryan Reynolds cameo or the cheetah riding scene. Not to mention the fantastic performance from Neil Patrick Harris playing a fictionalised version of himself.

The film is by no means a comedy classic. But if you don’t mind these kind of crude ridiculous comedies you should enjoy it. Even more so if watching with like-minded friends. Or in a state of intoxication.


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