An Enchanted Life.

Amy Adams in EnchantedSo, Enchanted then. I recorded this over the Christmas period and decided to watch it the other day.

Enchanted is a fantasy-musical film from Walt Disney. Part animated but mainly live action.

The film stars Amy Adams (pictured) as Giselle, a typical Disney princess-to-be. Giselle lives in the animated fairy tale world of Andalasia and is scheduled to marry Prince Edward. However on the day of their wedding – the day after they met no less – Prince Edward’s evil stepmother Queen Narissa, in an attempt to protect her throne, throws Giselle into a portal sending her to modern day New York City. From this point forward the majority of the film is live action and follows Giselle adapting to the real world while waiting for the Prince to rescue her. During this time she bonds with a single father and his daughter and well you can probably guess what happens.

The film is a great homage and self-parody of classic animated Disney films. It’s more subtle than the way the Shrek series does it and has a lot more charm because of it. The real star of the show has to be Amy Adams. She is perfect for the role and really adds some magic to the film with her innocence and wide-eyed optimistic personality. And while it’s nice to see Idina Menzel getting a film role based on acting alone I couldn’t help but feel they missed a trick not having her sing any songs during the film.

Sure at times it can be bit too sugary but overall it’s a very charming and pretty funny film. One the whole family can enjoy. A great take on the traditional fairytales we’ve grown up with.


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