Do you like Scary Movie?

Never really planned on watching this film but my brother (whose taste in films is even worse than mine) had control of the TV and wanted to watch this. It had been a few years since I’d seen this film (which I watched far too many times in my early teenage years) so decided to stick around and watch it.

Despite apparently having 11 writers I couldn’t really see much of a plot to the film. More so a host of cheap horror movie-spoofing gags loosely connected together by the cast staying in some kind of haunted house.

The gags themselves come quick and rarely last long enough to annoy. The quality of the gags on the other hand is questionable. Most of them got cheap laughs from me, but as you can see from my Harold & Kumar review I can be easily amused.

The film is a bit shit really. But it still provided laughs. One of those stupid films you can enjoy but probably shouldn’t. A real guilty pleasure.


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