I look like a magician.

Confession time: I don’t mind romantic comedies. No, I’m not a woman. I can just appreciate a decent rom-com. One of my favourites being Serendipity. I first watched this film, back on its release, mainly down to the fact John Cusack is in it. And John Cusack is awesome.

As already mentioned the film stars John Cusack, he plays Jonathan Trager who, during some Christmas shopping, meets Sara Thomas (played by the lovely Kate Beckinsale). Despite them both being in relationships they spend the evening in each others company in Manhattan. At the end of the evening, on Sara’s suggestion, they decide that they will let fate decide their future and leave it there.

The film then skips ahead several years where both characters are now engaged (to other people) but as their respective wedding days approach they get cold feet and attempt to track each other down.

The way the film weaves Jonathan and Sara’s attempts of finding each other together is well worked, though the near-misses of them meeting can get a little bit frustrating but will be sure to put a smile on your face at the same time. Where this film shines is in its use of unlikely coincidences and fate. While other romantic comedy films do this all the time, here it doesn’t feel wrong or out-of-place.

Serendipity is well scripted with fine performances from the cast all round. You’ll be able to predict the ending pretty early on but the way it gets there is so uplifting and delightful you won’t mind.

Perhaps I like it more than I should, but really it’s such a nice film that I don’t care.


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