We three kings be stealin’ the gold!

Three Kings is a film I had never been interested in watching. I can’t say why that was, just happened to be that way. I noticed it was on TV so thought I’d give it a chance. Once again I’m both glad I did and annoyed that I didn’t sooner.

It’s a war film with more than a hint of comedy about it. The film stars George Clooney, Marky Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube and Spike Jonze as four soldiers attempting to steal Saddam’s gold (originally stolen from Kuwait) in the aftermath of the first Persian Gulf War. Along the way they run into Iraqi rebels that wish to leave the country for Iran.

The combination of comedy and hard-hitting drama works surprisingly well. One minute you’ll be laughing and then the next feeling pretty shocked or upset about what’s happening. Furthermore the film gets you questioning the morality of soldiers and the film doesn’t paint the US army as the almighty honest heroes that Hollywood usually tends to do. Well, not to the same degree as other films at least.

I enjoyed this film. It delivered much more than what I expected. It has plenty of thrills and action, dark humour and a good group of characters you can root for.


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