It’s Magic.

Time for another British film that I had never heard of before. This time it’s “Under the Mud” which I caught on BBC One. Based in an area of Liverpool, the film follows the events of one family on the day of the youngest daughter’s first Holy Communion. It’s a low-budget comedy film that is rather surreal at times.

What marks this film out is the fact it was written by a group of young people, with no prior screenwriting experience, from around the Liverpool area. This gives the film a more genuine and realistic feeling when dealing with the young characters of the film.

The relatively unknown cast all put in great performances especially Lenny Wood who plays the main character Magic.

The film didn’t receive a theatrical release and very little in the way of promotion. This is a real shame as I enjoyed the film and believe it deserves to be seen by more people. It’s funny, uplifting and charming. It’s a bit like a toned down Shameless. And all the better for it. Well worth seeing.


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