Don’t threaten me with a dead fish.

Ah Christ. How have I fallen so far behind. Right, time to try to catch up with this. First up is Withnail and I, which I watched all the way back in January now. I saw this was on the TV so decided to watch it after someone I know always went on about how good it was.

For those that don’t know the film (such as myself prior to watching it) it’s a British black comedy film from 1986 starring Richard E. Grant (“Withnail”) and Paul McGann (“I”). They play a couple of poor unemployed actors living in a London during the late 1960s. Fed up of their squalid Camden flat the pair decide to escape to the Lake District for a holiday at Withnail’s flamboyantly gay uncle’s country cottage.

It wouldn’t be much of a film if their idyllic went to plan, and needless to say it doesn’t. It rains constantly, they find themselves without food, scared of a local poacher and then have Monty turn up to stay with them.

Watching this I can see why it’s become such a highly regarded cult classic. At first I couldn’t decide if I liked the character Withnail (and the film itself) but as the film continued my mind was made up for me. Richard E. Grant brilliantly played the eccentric Withnail.

The film managed to often be hilarious, while also dark and quite thought-provoking. I have to say though the scenes with Uncle Monty making moves on Paul McGann’s character made me feel rather uncomfortable. Despite this quite disturbing moment the film was enjoyable, well written and had a host of quotable lines.

I feel I need to view it several more times before I can truly appreciate the film, but I’m struggling as it is to watch films so that will have to wait.


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