The Month that was.. ah fuck.

So February turned out to be a disaster then. Despite what it looks like I did watch some films during the last month. Just nowhere near as many as I should have. Nor have I bothered writing about them yet. I really am making this hard for myself and will need to put aside a few days for some movie marathons.

Why have I failed so miserably during the last month? I mainly blame the TV. So many shows currently on stealing film watching time. Sky Atlantic you utter bastard. Then of course there’s the major time-stealers such as my Xbox and the Internet that take up so much of my “spare time” (though all my time is basically “spare time”).

It’s not looking good for the year’s target. But I reckon I still have a chance of completing the challenge. Mibs.

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One Response to The Month that was.. ah fuck.

  1. Nood says:

    You can do it! Just remember that i’ll love you no matter what. :wub:

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